Sweet Tooth Haze


Sweet Tooth General Effects
Sweet Tooth Medical Effects
Sweet Tooth Effects
Happy 100%Stress Relief 100%

Cottonmouth 100%

Relaxed 95%Insomnia 90%

Lethargy 30%

Euphoric 75%Lack of Appetite 80%Paranoia 15%
Uplifted 70%Pain 75%Headache 10%
Sleepy 45%Headaches 65%
Dizzy 5%

Sweet Tooth is a fantastic, indica-dominant strain, which will bring about relaxation and a little bit of a cerebral buzz. It’s a very chill strain, and probably shouldn’t be smoked before parties. It’s great for getting in some quality you-time, so put some music on, lie down and let Sweet Tooth sooth you into a euphoric state.